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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013


Gained experience in business management over many years, as an executive manager in Marketing and Commercial both on National and International markets, managing markets on five continents, understanding the internal logic and mechanisms of running a business. Since 2001 he is a business consultant, expert in developing the competitiveness and internationalisation.

He obtained a CMC Certificate - Certified Management Consultant, from ICMCI which granted him the status of UN-NGO, member of the CMC developed international network in 60 countries.

After his graduation at the University of Bologna, in 1981, he has been involved in developing strategies for PMI's. In 2001 he founded ActionConsult Agency, which does Business Management and Organisation, specialising in Business Strategy, focused on the market of PMI's. ActionConsult is active in the international markets, for Italian companies to export markets, and assists foreign companies to develop in the Italian market like:

• ANA ALCAZAR (Germany);
• REDSKINS (France);
• STYLE - FAIR (The Netherlands);


HEAD OF DELEGATION APCO ABRUZZO - Professional Association Italian Consultants management and organisation.
PRESIDENT COLAP ABRUZZO - National Coordination Free Professional Associations
Responsible for competitiveness and internationalisation of Polo d'Innovazione dell'agroindustria AGIRE SCARL; targets: product development, innovation techniques and process, growth of companies on national and international markets.
COUNCILOR of Advanced Tertiary of Confindustria PESCARA
• Member of the Regional Council of Confindustria Abruzzo
• Awarded with 2 Silver Agora at "Premio AGORA '" the Marketing Executives Club
• Approved practitioner status, operating within the prerogatives of Law 4/2013.

He has written for numerous publications including journals of economics, and because of his expertise in strategic marketing, he has been teaching and training managers and teachers at the University of Udine (MBA) and other Italian universities.