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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013

Action sYstem

The eleven points of the Action System are divided in 3 main phases:

ANALYSIS - internal and external of potentials, the ability to connect with the markets, efficiency and organisation of the markets in which it operates and the competitors, analysing strengths and weakness; verifying the value, the company and its product proposal/service perceived by the market; comparison offer/market demand; definition of the degree of competitiveness perceived by customers (how much value is perceived by the clients), identification of Critical Success Factors, identification of Competitive Advantage and its effectiveness; definition of Value Proposition to propose to markets on the basis of opportunities and demands of the market; verification of potential network marketing and optimisation;

- STRATEGY: tailored, definition of a strategic plan based on the data analysis, gaps identified and the potential of the company;

- ACTIVATION: plan and strategy, direct and continuous tutoring system until the goals achievement.