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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013


Improving the sales system to be close to the customer and being perceived as reliable partners.

A good sale system considers the characteristics of its market and tunes with the customers using the levers that the market desires, by activating a circular, continuous system for the definition of the supply - sale - analysis - preparation for the next sale.

Sales and profitability are the true indicators in the market at the moment; it is difficult for both to achieve the goals because we must think different from the past.

For both BtoB and BtoC, the construction of the new sales process involves the whole company and it is strongly influenced by external factors.

The model we shaped and refined is the result of our experience, defining a new sales system on the basis of a different scenario, following the evolution of the market.



The sales process described above allows us to be adapted to many areas, simply by modifying or adjusting the individual assets, or just some of them, by using only eight present on the pattern.

The final results push the companies to implement a program of business innovation process, for the sake of the competitive system.