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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013


Increasing competitiveness in the reference area, enhancing the perceived value and aligning with services and product performance that the market requires, leveraging on the competitive advantages to be included in the offer.

To increase the coherence between image perceived on products and services (perception and mktg mix), to tune with the specifics of the market, (market demand and the competitors' offers), in order to increase sales, profitability and customer loyalty.

A Tuning Analysis, developed by ActionConsult, is applied for the detection of useful data to increase competitiveness.

This analysis is performed on the active customers and on the potential one, it highlights with accuracy of the evaluation on the offer's perception, and the comparison with the value expected from the market.

In this way we highlight the gap useful to the realignment of the business proposal.