International Markets - Customers - Sales Performance - Sales

Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013


Facilitating the perception of the values, ​​from a part of the market, to increase sales, creating loyal customers and for the construction of the intangibles (image - reputation - fame) within the company.

To define the strategic elements that work as drivers for your advertising campaign.

Among the activities in this area, the analysis of the perception of the brand image by the market, for the definition of the positioning; a guide to the definition and application of the values ​​on which we are focused with rational and emotional factors to build the corporate identity, which the customers / consumers will evaluate as a reliable indicator of the appeal of the brand, fuelling the propensity to consume, the document will be a reference for all the communication activities, for internal use and advertising agencies who work on corporate image.