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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013

internationalisation strategy

Why a strategic approach to internationalisation? What is the added value? Since 2001, after the attack on the twin towers, SARS, the war in Iraq, the collapse of the markets, the devaluation, the advent of web 2.0, the world has changed and we can no longer pretend nothing happened.

The customer has won the sceptre of command in the markets and can decide on the success or downfall of any brand.

The companies that want to be successful players must know the values ​​sought by consumers and include them as a strength in the offer, to win their confidence.

From this social transformation, for us internationalisation is a draft strategy following rules, where the client / consumer, with its values ​​to meet, is the centre of any activity.


From the identification of the target market on the basis of characteristics and potential of the company, until the preparation of products and services, the approach of partners and channels, everything is done with strategic criteria and methodologies with science-based data analysis.

The entire of the Export Strategy, is to neutralise the risks and make room for success.

The long experience of leadership business in international markets, has been optimised to give more assistance to PMIs and assisting them all in the path to internationalisation, with the advantage of avoiding the most common risks and analyse even the most hidden, to avoid them, starting already from years of experience of export activity.

Our partnership in the international network ICMCI spread over 50 countries, contributes to increase our strength and security for international assistance. The presence in the network of more than 50,000 consultants of which more than 10,000 certified CMC, is a International community that gives us the ability to have a lot of information, solve any problem and speed activities, resulting in great advantages for the PMIs followed by us.


Established in 1998, Rozzi Studio & Partners provides legal, tax and corporate consultations, thanks to the competence of experts in the various matters. In the legal field it provides assistance extrajudicial and judicial. Rozzi & Partners Agency successfully collaborated with several companies, including multinationals, a remarkable experience in the field of Intellectual Property and business contracts, which leaded to the birth of Consulmarchi srl in 2005. Today Rozzi Consulmarchi & Partners [RCP] is able to offer to its customers an integrated service within legal, tax and intellectual property, both in Italy and abroad, throughout partnerships with professional agencies linked in various countries and specialised in the international markets. In RCP we found lawyers, accountants and industrial property consultants qualified in the registration of trademarks and designs before the national offices (Uibm), EU (Uami) and International (Wipo).