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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013

strategy area

Improve your ranking on the domestic market and the international market, definition of a product / service, market, or company strategy.

The actual change in the markets, requires precise planning of activities, the progress at fast pace involves high risks.

The determination of a strategic plan to achieve possible targets, considering a series of variables, internal and external to the company, and outlines a program of concrete operational activities that leads to the achievement of the objectives, meeting time and costs expected.

Set achievable targets that do not hassle the structure to the pursuit of impossible goals.

Case studies/market and competitor analysis, definition of objectives, values ​​and results, analysis, resources and skills, delineation forms of organisation and management, identification of the target customers and their needs, definition of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and its use for the increase of competitiveness, Research of Critical Success Factors, SWOT analysis, Analysis and definition of the marketing mix (price-product-distribution-positioning-image), the definition of a strategy and a strategic plan for: defence - float - growth, development and monitoring of the strategy, analysis of the results.