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Competitiveness Professional Qualified According To The Criteria Of The Law 4/2013


A long life management experience in both international and Italian markets which made possible to understand the business dynamics from the inside, and an important knowledge of the strategic leverages, make ActionConsult a management consultancy agency devoted to the definition of strategies for increasing competitiveness and internationalisation of PMI.

Our work aims are; to identify the elements that create value for the customer, (which are different for each market), and the definition of competitive advantage, to synchronise the company's performance with your targeted audience.

Together with the company we create an offer whose strengths coincide with the values ​​sought by the target, facilitating the retention and the increase of sales and profits. The set of values ​​we have combined with the methods of internationalisation, giving rise to a rapid, incisive, system, helping achieve permanent goals.

It comes from an accurate analysis of the market, the active customer and the potential customers, competitors and business' performance.

Years of experience are summarised in ActionSystem for the creation of a customised Strategic Plan, followed alongside up to its operational implementation.

The ActionSystem led the company to improve its approach to the markets, with strategies that are generated by the potential business opportunities offered from outside, and the analysis of competitors.

The objective is an increase of profits and the continuation of performance. The result will be achieving the goals (without stressing the structure) together, with solid and durable effects. For a better efficiency in international projects, ActionConsult is a member of a network of international consultancy firms, ICMCI, present in over 50 countries.